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Military War Planes (MWP) Custom Model Airplanes

MWP is owned and operated by FRS Global Marketing. We are dedicated to manufacturing quality handmade military planes (model aeroplane), civilian model airplanes and commercial airline model aeroplanes and etc. These model planes are crafted out of premium Mahogany wood with precise detail. We specialize in model airplanes for award ceremonies, permanent change of station (PCS) or retirements.  MWP can provide the model planes of your choice. We can customize Air Force model planes, Army model plane, Navy model planes, Marines model planes and commerical Airliner model planes. This includes model airplanes, handmade helicopter models, model boats and much more. If you can not find what you are looking for, just send a picture, we can make a wooden model airplane display to suit your needs.  See how they are made.

Custom/Special Orders Accepted

Military War Planes (MWP) specializes in the skilled arts and crafts of customizing model airplanes, model helicopters, model tanks, model boats and much more. With just a photo, our model airplane factory can create any type of customized model aeroplane to your desired specifications!   Hand-carved and completely hand painted models at their best. Just fill out our contact us form, email or fax with your special request.


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